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Financial advisory

Most technologically advanced financial advisory.
Financial advisory
1,900+ advisors 1,900+ advisors
AUA 1,200 mil EURAUA 1,200 mil EUR
Growth of 45% last yearGrowth of 45% last year
  • Offering complex financial service, covering every financial need through professional, trained advisors, supported by advanced IT systems
  • Car, property or life insurance, mortgages, loans, even investments and pension plans, everything is covered through Partners  
  • The true life-time partner for personal finances of every customer
  • Products chosen are always the best for the client as we partner with all of the major players on the market 

Asset management

Fastest time to market funds development.
Asset management
9 funds9 funds
AUM 323 mil EURAUM 323 mil EUR
Growth of 38.5% last yearGrowth of 38.5% last year
  • Highly active management of funds, flexibly adapting to any and all market conditions
  • Accessible to all clients with minimal investment from €20, while also providing enticing options for affluent clients
  • Does not charge an entry fee to clients, yet pays out entry fees to advisors for every client brought, on top of a share from the management fee


Tailored and fully digital life insurance.
2 countries + 2 in development2 countries + 2 in development
White label solutions White label solutions
GWP growth of 65% last yearGWP growth of 65% last year
  • Core values of client friendliness and transparency reflected in single page contracts and minimum of insurance exclusions
  • Covers all of the major risks, illnesses, accidents and life, to be there for clients when it matters
  • Unique internally developed core insurance system – 100% paperless, fully digital processes (From onboarding to changes and even claims)
  • Backed by one of the biggest reinsurers on the market SwissRe

Private pension

Black Rock backed solution for secure old-age pension.
Private pension
1 year on the market1 year on the market
3 funds 3 funds
AUM 84 mil EURAUM 84 mil EUR
  • Unique value proposition for clients, even for a highly regulated product like pension funds
  • Varied risk strategies with attractive returns of up to 8% p.a.
  • Fastest growing pension fund in number of clients in the Czech Republic, outperforming all competitors by 300%
  • Lower costs of managing funds and more investment options thanks to cooperation with BlackRock 

Real estate

Investments in commercial offices and retail parks.
Real estate
Performance 6% p.a.Performance 6% p.a.
AUM 180 mil EURAUM 180 mil EUR
20 mil EUR p.a. rent income20 mil EUR p.a. rent income
  • Creating a diversified portfolio of buildings that offers both stability and attractive profits
  • Finding the most attractive real estate all across the Central Europe
  • Brings the possibility of investment into a large real estate fund to the smallest of investors


Scalable, ready-to-use concept for fast franchise building.
190 franchises 190 franchises
21.6 mil EUR turnover21.6 mil EUR turnover
Growth of 42% last yearGrowth of 42% last year
  • Exponentially growing network of financial advisory branches
  • The physical location to visit for all our digital services and products
  • After the opening of the Partners Bank, the franchise will be transformed to a unique bank branch


Fast and flexible backend and frontend development.
19 years 19 years
Web & Mobile apps Web & Mobile apps
Multiple Core systems developed Multiple Core systems developed
  • Assisting PB financial group with constant digital innovation of systems and products
  • Complementing the strong, innovative IT teams inside the financial group
  • Additionally, providing services for many major financial institutions 


Award winning quality journalism expanding beyond finance.
3 countries3 countries
4 printed magazines4 printed magazines
3 mil monthly online readers3 mil monthly online readers
  • Provides readers with expert opinion in a timely manner on topics from economics to social issues  
  • Hosting wide variety of comparison tools for finance products to inform customers and generate leads
  • Focusing on quality journalism, long-reads and providing deeper context to news from both the local and global sphere


Coming soon with mobile-first, fully digital banking.


  • Innovative combination of banking and advisory services
  • Intuitive user experience specifically tailored to every age group
  • Client’s entire world of finance; be it insurance policies, investments, pension, mortgage or anything else, gathered in a single application

Group in numbers

700 000 + customers

across 3 international markets

53% growth

of yearly revenue

8 divisions

with natural synergies
Group in numbers

What makes PBFG special

We are building the perfect financial service
We give ordinary people back control of their financial lives
We are creating successful financial companies based on real customer demand

Where you can find us

We are rapidly growing European financial group, already active in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, launching in Romania and Germany in 2023 while working to cover entire Europe.

Where you can find us
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